What to expect from the company


First and foremost, we are hardworking.You need a clean house and that is the exact service we provide. We put the same effort into every home, regardless of how large or small the task. Each staff member is personally trained by the owner to ensure everyone is cleaning to the same high standard of clean, so that you are always 100% satisfied with our work.



Trust is earned and finding people you can trust is often difficult. We want you to feel comfortable and know that your home and belongings are safe, whether you are present during a clean or not. We pride ourself on truthfulness, honesty, and professionalism. Background checks are run on every employee, both for your safety and other employees. We are also fully bonded with CNA Surety Bonds. 


We care about your needs, regardless of how big or small. Without you, there is no business. We pay close attention to detail in all rooms of your home and strive to provide the best service possible to meet all your needs. Every inch of your home is inspected by the team before leaving so that nothing is missed. If you ever feel your clean is less than 100%, please notify us immediately and the situation will be rectified at no cost to you..



We care about all of our customers. It is important to have a good rapport in order for each of the above factors to be successful. We always have your best interest in mind, so should you ever have any concerns or are uncomfortable about any of the staff or the services we are providing, please bring them to the owner's, Nicki Kennington, attention immediately. We take caution in cleaning so as not to damage your home or items in any way. Should an accident occur, we do carry General Liability insurance for those situations. If you feel damage or carelessness has occurred, let the owner know immediately so the situation can be handled accordingly.


Customers are our number one priority. Again, without you, there is no business. Whatever you need, we are here for you. If something should arise last minute, we will do our very best to fit it into our schedule. In the same respect, unless there is an urgent matter, we will not cancel on you last minute. We understand how important your time and a clean home is to you. We are someone you can count on.


We believe flexibility is a key asset to any company. Life cannot always be planned, as some situations come up last minute. We make the best accommodations we can for each and every customer and ask that you understand we also have personal lives. Flexibility is key to a healthy and successful relationship.