Policies and Procedures

The following are guidelines intended for the health and safety of Clean Bee Housekeepers staff, as well as security and privacy of our clients:

  1.  When cleaning your home, staff will not pick up or clean any feces or urine of any kind from anywhere in the home. We are dedicated to the safety of our staff and will not expose them to any unhealthy conditions. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to clean up after pets and or accidents if that area is to be cleaned by CBH staff.
  2. Any area the client wishes to be cleaned by CBH staff, must have doors opened and be free of personal or private items such as money, mail, etc. In order for us to dust and wipe furniture and counters effectively, it is often necessary for us to move things around. To avoid personal items being misplaced or getting wet, the client should put them away prior to cleaning time. Closets and rooms with closed doors will not be cleaned, as we will not enter those closed off areas to protect your privacy.
  3. Clean Bee Housekeepers is a house cleaning service and not a maid service; this means we do not provide services such as laundry and changing bedsheets. Dishes can be added for an additional charge; otherwise, if sinks are cluttered with dishes we will not be able to clean them. For health purposes, we do not remove dirty bed linens. If beds are stripped of dirty linens and they are removed from the room, we can place clean linens on bed upon request.