About Me


 I am a first time business owner, but no stranger to housework. Growing up, Saturday mornings was always cleaning day; and every clean was a deep clean. My mom taught me many techniques and methods to effectively clean rooms and achieve a beautiful home. I continued these ideals as I moved out on my own and started my own family. Later I would pass on those same techniques and values of a clean space to my children. While spending 22 years as a military wife, I had the honor of meeting so many wonderful families. Over those years, I cleaned other's homes as a side job and took the same pride with their homes as I did in my own. I understand the ins and outs of military regulations, always did my own move out cleans,and passed the first time. I can empathize with dual working parents and parents who are left to tend to all the needs of home and family, while their loved one is deployed. Over the years, I honed the skills taught by mom, and gave families a fresh, clean, sparkling home. I take pride in every job I do and that is why I decided to start my own business. After 6 years of college and 7 years serving families in my community.  I realized I needed something different. I needed a more flexible schedule and to be my own boss. During my time as a full time working mom, I went through my fair share of cleaning companies and was never fully satisfied with the outcome. This is one aspect I believe truly sets me apart from everyone else- I provide excellent service and guarantee my work. Together with my daughter, we are dedicated to providing our families excellent service and a super clean home!